Trump’s DNA is ALL Over the Bombs

Mary Marie (Fly Media): Every single target of the most recent pipe bombs were repeatedly attacked by our President. Either in his rallies, speeches, or directly from Trump’s twitter feed. Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, former CIA director John Brennan, Rep. Maxine Waters, Democratic donor George Soros, former DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and CNN have all at one point been critical of the President or covered unflattering stories about his administration. (Note: CNN wasn’t necessarily directly targeted, but Brennan’s package was delivered to the news network, where he was once a commentator & had harsh words for Trump.)

Trump hates criticism. He can not stand it.  Just ask Robert De Niro who appears to be the most recent terrorist target. It does not matter if you have top credentials, intelligence, or facts. No one is allowed to criticize our President unless they are prepared to pay the ultimate price which once was threats of imprisonment or employment termination or security clearance denied or labeled “Fake News” or standard good old fashioned threats of death. Now those are trivial as Trump continues to up his hatred toward those that question his policies.

And don’t even think about questioning his mental stability or even his quicksand constant shifting of lies that seem to take more directions than a leaf in a hurricane. Even his lies lie. In just the past few weeks, he lied about the number of jobs the Saudi Arabia arms deal provided from 40,000 to 400,000, to 500,000 to 600,000, to 1,000,000 to over a million total jobs. That is an extremely shady and shifting number. It would appear that the more criticism Trump received from not coming down hard on the brutal murder and the cover up of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the more the jobs number kept changing. Trump will say and do anything to silence his critics.

Did Trump make the bombs? No. Did Trump mail the bombs? No. However, if a group of bank robbers play a specific role in illegally withdrawing funds from their local financial institution without ever legally owning that money then they are all equal parts of being labeled bank robbers. The man that holds the gun and the man that drives the getaway car and the man that stuffs the stolen money into the bag are all punished.

Trump is directly to blame for inciting violence. He bragged about potentially shooting someone and offered to pay any legal fees for his supporters attacking peaceful protestors; he also praised a Montana politician for body slamming a reporter. This is the loudmouth that someone hears as they build bombs for Trump’s critics.

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